Oh UniFi, don’t promise if you can’t deliver!

A classic example of this uniqueness has unfolded over the past 3 months with UniFi (TM).

In late October Unifi called offering a free upgrade from 50Mbs to 100Mbs. Absolutely no cost! (we will see about that) they advised. But they would need to attend the house as part of the upgrade to “validate” our network (God only knows what that means – perhaps a new modem and router). However, they said that this would mean intermittent internet until the technician came by. As we were going away we suggested that they should call back later to arrange a convenient time after our return.

We went away and then came back anticipating a call from UniFi. But no call came.

So after about 6 weeks of silence, in early December, we called them up and ask what was happening with the free speed upgrade. We were told we had rejected their offer. I patiently explained we had not rejected their offer, rather what we had said was that it wasn’t convenient at the time as we were going away. The sweet girl on the phone said she would investigate, and true to her word some days later we were told our speed upgrade could still happen and they wanted to arrange a date in late December/early January for the home visit. I said we would be away in late December and early January until 8th January. So it was agreed their technician would come on 9th January. Perfect we thought.

We patiently waited at home on 9th January for the technician. No one came! So we contacted UniFi to ask what had happened. Oh, we were told, orders outstanding over 14 days were automatically cancelled!! O!M!!G!!!

They said they would reinstate the order. Phew!! It was still going to happen. But 3 weeks and a number of queries later, I was beginning to wonder if this was just some sort of pipe dream or nightmare as exactly nothing was happening.

Then all of a sudden out of the blue an email appears to an email address (not the one registered with our account) saying that on 11th Feb (morning session) that someone would be coming. I commented to Sean that 11th Feb was a Sunday but then thought oh well perhaps they work on Sundays!. No problem for us. We would make sure we were home.

The next day we received a call advising that they could not come on Sunday as their contractors did not work on Sundays!! Naturally, I asked if their contractors did not work on Sundays why had they made an appointment to come on a Sunday. This receives some mumbling and no coherent explanation.

We rescheduled for Saturday (I said morning please). I was told that it would definitely be morning because their contractors only work a half day on Saturdays.

Saturday came and Unifi is in total chaos. No one came in the allotted time frame. And numerous phone calls demonstrated that Unifi had no idea what was happening. Eventually, around 2 pm the technicians came. Only to tell us that at 11 am they were at our gate but left again because of some order number confusion. What a shambles!!

The end result is yes we do have faster internet.

We were promised 100Mbs. We have somewhere between 70-90Mbs download. And 50Mbs plus upload. This we are told is because they only need to provide 75% of the nominal speed. Obviously, no one has told them about delivering to expectations. Why not just say they are going to provide 80Mbs, then we will always be happy because 90% of the time the speed exceeds this. Instead, they promise 100Mbs and we are always disappointed because we never get that speed.

Read the terms and conditions we are told! OMG!!! These people need some simple lessons in simple psychology and human nature.