An airline that seemingly no longer cares! (Part 2)

More Malaysia Airlines Chaos…

Chronology of another MH disaster

5th Nov 2017
Booked on MH767 SGN to KUL. Scheduled departure time 18:55.

Email received advising flight will now depart @ 19:20

Check-In. Advised by check-in staff that flight is on schedule – no delay?? WTF? The flight is suddenly back on time??

Another email received advising flight will now depart @ 20:00

Airport departure board still says flight on time. WTF?? I ask the lounge staff. “Is the flight delayed or not?”. Multiple phone calls …. it appears no one knows.

Conversation with Malaysia Airlines HCMC staff. “We don’t know” “We haven’t been told”! WTF?? I got an email 30 mins earlier providing a new departure time, but Malaysia Airlines staff have no idea.

The announcement finally made the new departure time is now 20:00.

However, I have now had 2 emails advising the flight is delayed. The first delay was to 19:20. The second email advised the delayed flight time is 20:00.

What complete incompetence!!

Is this a professional airline or what??? Virtually every Malaysia Airlines flight now has multiple delays. Airport staff has no idea whats going on. And passengers are just treated like “cattle” and told nothing.

We were advised 10 days in advance that our flight KUL to SGN was “rescheduled”. It eventuates it was not rescheduled at all. The flight had been canceled and we had been moved to the next scheduled flight later that day. So much for a “rescheduled” flight!!

It now seems every MH flight is now the subject of incompetence, incoherence, or we are just plain misled. Rapidly tiring of this nonsense.

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