TRUMP! A Sociopathic Nightmare; or a Farsighted Genius

Trump’s latest foray into the world of foreign affairs has left me gasping at the selfishness and pointlessness of his actions.

This man is now a serious threat to world peace and stability. He may prove us all wrong and his latest move to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel might be part of some new strategy to bring about peace in the Middle East where all others have failed. Let’s truly hope that it is. However prima facie it looks to have zero positive outcomes, but rather taking the Middle East peace process 10 steps backward and hurtling the world into further terrorism and global unrest ( It seems to me it is more likely the desperate move of a man who’s prediction of a massive terrorist threat to the US has so far failed to materialise, and where his sociopathic ego demands that he be proven correct by further taunting the epicentre of the terrorist world to deliver to his so far “fake” predictions.

He has spent the best part of 2017 taunting the regime in North Korea, with the only outcome being that he seems to have driven the North Koreans to accelerate their nuclear missile capabilities. Having failed to turn the Korean peninsula into a nuclear conflagration, where fortunately wiser heads have prevailed, it now appears he has decided to turn his relentless efforts at warmongering to the Middle East.

Firstly by stirring aggression between Saudi Arabia and Iran; and not satisfied with that, he now wants to escalate discontent and further destabilise a region that requires no encouragement to explode into violence.

While his election as US President seemed to be a uniquely isolated event where the more fortunate of us could sit back and say “poor stupid Americans, look what your idiocy and greed has brought you”, it now seems that those of us that did not even have a say in electing him are being sucked into a potential global conflagration was no one wins and everyone loses. All just to feed this sociopath’s ego.

To paraphrase words originally attributed to Henry II, “will no one rid us of this meddlesome man”!