HSBC iOS App on iPhone X has a really bad problem

Having recently bought an iPhone X, I needed to change my HSBC digital security key from my old phone to my new iPhone X. This meant changing 4 digital security keys. All signs where that is would be pretty straightforward moving from the digital ID. And so it proved. All 4 changed and double checked that they all worked. So imagine 2 days later I went to log on to my UK internet banking and my new iPhone X was telling me that the key was not activated on that device.

Perhaps I had been dreaming and it hadn’t worked.

So I went back to the old phone and then to Internet banking on my laptop and to my horror found I could no longer login anywhere. HSBC/iPhone X had managed to wipe out not only my digital security key but also all my passwords and everything else.

OMG – I called HSBC UK customer service which morphed into a 36-minute call (at my cost for the international call). They solved the problem, but I had to reset all security passwords and questions. So troublesome!!

But it didn’t finish there.

I thought “I better check my HSBC US login. And not surprisingly I found exactly the same issue. I called the HSBC US customer service line (again at my cost for an international call). The lady I spoke too seemed lost as to what the problem might be. That is until I told her I had just had exactly the same problem with my HSBC UK login and we had had to reset all security. Once she realised this it happened more smoothly. And after another 30 minutes on the phone, it was sorted. But sorted for how long.

And then, I tried to log in to the HSBC HK mobile banking app. This does not work either. This is not yet fixed………..

So HSBC iPhone X users BEWARE!!!