The Malaysian U-Turn

Having just installed front and rear view cameras in our Peugeot (yes, sorry we have a French car …. and love it), I thought posting some of the more memorable incidents on here would be an interesting exercise.

Malaysia is fairly reknown for the total disregard of the concept of a highway code and some of the examples are note worthy!!

We will see how it goes.

For this first incident, watch the rear looking cam and note the Atlas Edible Ice truck that pulls up to my left hand side at the traffic lights.


Then watch (this time from the front camera) what this truck does once the light turns green. Yes…… he does a complete U-turn directly across the front of my car – from the left hand lane beside me


Kuala Lumpur is U-Turn city; and everyone does them, whether signed as legal or not. You really cant go anywhere without at least one U-turn being being required – even if its just to the local shops. But this sort of rash, dangerous and disconcerting driving is not so common place fortunately – although Sean says “quite normal” – 🙂

Sadly the number plate is not clear enough to read in this video. I did try to find a suitable email or other digital contact for Atlas Edible Ice, so that I could forward this evidenciary video to them , but it seems that Atlas Edible Ice have yet to move into the 21st century. Still firmly rooted in the 20th century (along with their driving habits) it would seem.