Sean’s 40th Birthday

Well what can I say, after many months of planning and plotting, plenty of unintended faux pas leading up to the event and some successful last minute misdirection (thanks to John, Greg, Ben, Chew and Marcus for this) Sean’s surprise 40th Birthday party was eventually just that. A SURPRISE. Although he tells me not entirely, I think the reality is that it was sufficient of a surprise to make him stop and wonder what was going on as he parked in the reserved spot outside 5th Palate!! But it was touch and go at the last moment as as we drove to the party and Waze showed all his linked friends heading to the same location!! It certainly drew a comment of amazement from Sean; I just played dumb and put on my luddite hat.

263 people were invited with the only requests being that people keep the party a secret from Sean and if they could not come then they were asked to make a short video clip wishing Sean a happy birthday.

120 people came in person, 24 of these from overseas. 53 videos representing over 100 people were sent in. This was a truly awesome response and reflects entirely on Sean himself. Having forged bonds to an extensive network of friends globally over 18 years, that over 220 people responded to help celebrate his birthday, by either being there in person or by being there in spirit, is a true testament to the kind, caring, wonderful and loving person that Sean is.

Whilst some of the video clips were truly creative and others were down right “risque”, they were all heartfelt.

There were some I know who wanted to send videos, but could not overcome the challenges of the technology. You know who you are. There were others that I should have invited, but omitted to do so ….. to them my abject apologies.

The party surpassed my wildest dreams. And this is solely due to Cyrus Chin and the team from Bravo Events who masterfully produced a seamless and faultless evening. My limitless and undying thanks to Cyrus always!!

A party is made by the people who come, and the assembled crowd (yes all of you!!) more than did justice to the night. We all drank too much. We all ate too much (well Sean and I seemed to miss out on the eating somehow). The boys were bois and the girls were beautiful. And at some point Toni and Anna, at great personal risk, danced with magnificent panache (more than worthy of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers) on one of the tables.

I of course cried during my speech – but I did warn people that would happen at the start; and even Sean was a touch emotional during his family video (but no tears – I have only seen those twice in 18 years – smile)!!

The cake was a triumph – thank you Mok.

As we partied the night away, we were entertained by “Shelah”, Janet Lee and Bobby Tan.

I was coerced into doing New York, New York by Andrea – with kind permission from Peter, who had paid hard cold cash (US$50) in 1994 for me to never sing in front of him again – fortunately Janet was there to ensure my toneless singing was unheard.

And those with sufficient stamina joined us to end the night at Market Place and the local mamak before finally getting home to bed at 5am.

The photo booth and the video team ensured that the madness of the evening has been recorded for posterity.

More photos from the party can be viewed here . If you have yet to upload your photos, please do so there.

There are a number of videos which have and will be uploaded to Youtube. Some missed the editing cut off, but will still be included in the final uploads.

These follow here:-

This one highlights the more creative clips we received:

This one is special as it is Sean’s Family:

This is the remainder of the clips of the birthday wishes from friends and family

I just found this video that somehow got omitted – sorry Adelyn


The videos from the actual party have yet to be received. Next week I hope.

And finally to Sean I say this:

“I love you darling. You have made the last 18 years of my life a time to be cherished forever. This party and the memories (photos and videos) of our friends and family who participated (in person or in spirit) are my birthday gift to you”.