The best way to locate yourself in Hua Hin is to get a map and find the main north-south road which runs straight through the town. On either side are sois (side streets) some with actual names alongside the soi number others with just the soi number. The odd number Sois are to the seaside (east) of the north-south road and the even numbered Sois are to the inland side (west). Soi 1 starts to the north some 6km from town and Soi 94 is some 2-3km south of town.

Just bear in mind that because on one side of the road you find soi 72, you won’t find Soi 71 on the opposite side. Actually, the soi opposite Soi 72 if in reality soi 57.

In terms of gay venues, there is a limited choice that we found.


For massage, we found the Gaya Exotic (or was it Erotic) Massage. Its located at the end of Soi 92. Once on Soi 92 (which is 2 or 3 Sois south of the Market Village Shopping Complex) it’s almost impossible to miss as there is a brightly lit GAYA sign which is pretty much visible from the main north-south road.

The place is run by a very friendly guy named Palm and his partner. Best to phone if you want to be sure that a massage boi will be available when you want one. We got lucky without a booking. The phone number is +66 84 315 7566 Website


We discovered 4 “gay bars”. Well, actually only 3 as we could not actually find the 4th one. Just a sign pointing in the direction of where it is supposed to be!

The best by far was The NEW GUY Bar. This is place had a good atmosphere, friendly service and was relatively accessible. Its located on Naresdamri Road but in the general area of Soi 65. The bar is run by a guy named Tam.

We found Chico’s Bar on Soi 70 (Chomsin Rd), west of the railway line about 150m (Aangnam Soi 4). The bar is run by a friendly guy called Jay – +66 89 809 7855. But it was very quiet and the location is a bit off the beaten track. But that might suit some of the more local clientele.

The Rookie Bar we located and walked past, but never went in. It looked rather sterile, empty and upmarket. Not overly inviting. We were later told it is a hang out for Russian guys. It is on Sra Song Rd just south of Soi 74 and before Soi 74/2.

The bar we couldn’t find was the Red Indian Bar. it’s in the Hua Hin Bazar somewhere. That’s on the northeast corner of Naresdamri and Thanon Damnoen Kasam (Soi 61).


We tried a few places to eat including street food in the night market (Soi 72).

Our favorite was Chao Lay Seafood on Naresdamri Rd (roughly opposite the east end of Soi 57), which is on one of the piers that project out over the beach. You may well have to queue a bit but the wait is worth it. It was very busy and seems very chaotic and I could have sworn on both occasions that we would never be able to get what we ordered. However, on both occasions, we got exactly what we ordered and in a remarkably fast time. Noticeably the restaurants on either side were much less busy. Read into that what you like!

The other place worthy of a mention is Terrace 90 which is on Soi 90 (very close to Gaya Massage). Nice Thai green chicken curry! And friendly staff.


We didn’t actually go to any clubs but anecdotally there are 2 with a gay content of any sort. One is La Luna near or part of the Grand Hotel (on the left side of the main north-south road as you head north – soi 86ish). And the other is Hi4, which is up towards the airport (near Anantara Resort – on the right as you head north up the main north-south road – soi 7ish – Hin Nam Sai Suay complex)

This map is pretty accurate location wise for all the gay venues.