Trials and Tribulations of a Norwegian Adventure


Beautiful country. But it is not for the poor

We quickly learned that with our first taxi ride. Oslo Airport to our city hotel. Soon into this ride alarm bells were ringing. The taxi meter was clicking over at some breath neck pace. Perhaps it was recording meters traveled. Whats the currency here. Maybe it’s recording Zimbabwe pounds. It seemed even the taxi driver was embarrassed by the fare as he switched off the meter long before we got to the hotel.

1,700 Norwegian Krones for a 30-minute ride!! ($300.00!!!) No more Norwegian taxis for us!!

Today weather has been good. Actually very nice.

Went to Central Station to pick up our tickets for tomorrow and then to the roof of the Opera House for a photo op.

Finally worked out how to buy a 24 hr travel pass and took the tram to a park full of statues. All naked :-))

Now having a deliciously tasty and (for Norway) cheap meal in a place called Ett Glass.

Downsides (there has to be one or two):-

  1. Hotel bed is like 1000 times too soft!!
  2. The room safe refuses to open. The hotel has no answer so far. Its Sunday and in Norway apparently that means nothing can happen.

Unfortunately, our passports and money are inside the safe that won’t open. We leave in 12 hours – it’s 7.30pm now!! Sean is optimistic it will miraculously be opened before then. The hotel assures us the same!!

I am not so optimistic :-((

Failure for the hotel do an “opensaysme” will cause a major (and I mean major) reschedule of our trip!!!

Stay tuned…………..

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