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  • Alexis Bistro & Wine Bangsar

    Alexis Bistro & Wine Bangsar

    Alexis, the only restaurant in Bangsar that won’t serve tap water “upstairs”. But after threatening to leave they agreed to provide a “free” bottle of mineral water. When asked why they would not serve tap water, the Manager said “I’m here to follow company rules”. I said “so you are not here to make money?”.…

  • Sean’s 40th Birthday

    Sean’s 40th Birthday

    Well what can I say, after many months of planning and plotting, plenty of unintended faux pas leading up to the event and some successful last minute misdirection (thanks to John, Greg, Ben, Chew and Marcus for this) Sean’s surprise 40th Birthday party was eventually just that. A SURPRISE. Although he tells me not entirely, I…

  • The Malaysian U-Turn

    The Malaysian U-Turn

    Having just installed front and rear view cameras in our Peugeot (yes, sorry we have a French car …. and love it), I thought posting some of the more memorable incidents on here would be an interesting exercise. Malaysia is fairly reknown for the total disregard of the concept of a highway code and some…

  • How to get parking fine cancelled

    How to get parking fine cancelled

    Persistence is Undoubtedly the Best Approach.

  • Our Kuching Hotel Experience

    Our Kuching Hotel Experience

    By Popular Request!! Our Kuching Hotel Experience. Remarkably Pullman Hotel, Kuching claims to be a 5 Star establishment!!! They are in complete dream time!! We suggest the Hilton if you are visiting Kuching – forget the Pullman! Interestingly after I posted the below review to the Pullman Hotel, Kuching TripAdvisor listing, I then read other…

  • Indah Water

    Indah Water

    Indah Water is the sewage company responsible for sewage piping and processing in our area. I would have guessed that 99% of people don’t pay their Indah Water bills, even though it’s only RM96 (Oh! and now plus 6% GST) per year, billed quarterly in arrears. The philosophy seems to be “why pay it, they…

  • Kuala Lumpur Flying Cocktails Inaugural World Darts Championship!!

    Kuala Lumpur Flying Cocktails Inaugural World Darts Championship!!

    Well it finally kicked off last night after months of assiduous, single handed preparation and planning by Ismo! (We are still trying to figure out how, as a full time employee and husband, he has the time and energy for such extracurricular planning activities!! Rumour has it that he is not always as busy as…

  • Don’t Leave It Until It’s Too Late

    Don’t Leave It Until It’s Too Late

      This poignant story (not mine to tell fortunately; nor written by me – my thanks to the author and my apologies for the plagiarism – and also thanks to Kris) is something we can all ponder. Not because we are getting older, rather because those we love are getting older. My father has now…

  • The Death of a Hero or a Despot?
  • Hua Hin

    Hua Hin

    Hua Hin has changed considerably since our last visit in 2008. A lot more of everything… and a predominance of Russian tourists.